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            當前位置: 首頁 > 阻燃劑 > 科萊恩聚烯烴用無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit AP766

            科萊恩聚烯烴用無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit AP766

            全國多倉發貨,如需其他品牌或型號,請點擊咨詢客服 聚丙烯(PP)用高效無鹵阻燃劑
            • 商品品牌:科萊恩
            • 產品型號:Exolit AP766
            • 產品產地:瑞士
            • 包裝規格:5kg/袋
            溫馨提示:    由 凱茵化工 負責發貨,并提供售后服務。
            免費咨詢電話:      400-678-7252
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              商品名稱:科萊恩聚烯烴用無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit AP766
              • 產品品牌科萊恩


              • 產品型號Exolit AP766


                品牌: 科萊恩

                型號: Exolit AP766




              全球無鹵阻燃劑巨頭德國科萊恩公司新推出專用于聚烯烴體系的高效膨脹型無鹵阻燃劑Exolit®AP766。該新產品充分結合了科萊恩公司優良業內并獨享的“高聚合度、高純度、100% 晶形II、精細微膠囊化包覆及協效改性”等多項顯著技術優勢。
              相比Exolit®AP760等,Exolit®AP766的熱穩定性更為出色(Td> 275ºC)、加工窗口更寬、抗水性更好、阻燃效率更高。達到UL 94 V-0/1.6mm, 所需添加量明顯減少,從而綜合物性得以更好地保持與改善。

              Exolit AP 766 (TP) is a non-halogenated flame retardant based on phosphorus and nitrogen synergism. The product achieves its flame retardant effect through intumescence. The thermoplastic material foams and crosslinks on exposure to flame and forms a stable char at the surface acting as a barrier. The protective layer provides a heat-insulation effect, reduces oxygen access and prevents dripping of molten polymer.

              Non-halogenated flame retardant based on ammonium polyphosphate, which develops its
              effectiveness through phosphorus/nitrogen synergism   
              Non-halogenated flame retardant with favorable environmental and health profile
              When incorporated into thermoplastics, it exhibits high processing stability
              Differs in its mode of action from chlorine- or bromine-containing flame retardants by
              achieving its effect through intumescence
              May be used in polypropylene, PP-copolymers and PP-blends
              Compared to Exolit® AP 750, it shows an improved thermal stability, which allows a larger
              processing window

              The mixing and processing methods customary in powder processing of polymers can be used with Exolit AP 760. The VDI Guideline 2263 ”Prevention of dust fires and dust
              explosions” (German regulation) or the relevant national regulations must be observed.
              The optimum mixing conditions for incorporating theproduct should be determined individually in each case. Care should be taken to ensure good, homogeneous distribution of all components.
              Both single- and twin-screw extruders are suitable for incorporating the product. During processing, the melt temperature should not exceed 250°C.
              In this context local peak temperatures have to be considered. Temperatures above the maximum processing temperature cause formation of decomposition products which emissions could exceed authorized legal threshold values. Further information on feasible decomposition products are listed in the material safety data sheet. To prevent degradation effects through the introduction of shear energy, it has proved an advantage to use machines of less shear-intensive design. When a water bath is used in pelletization, it is advisable to restrict the addition of Exolit AP 760 to less than 40 % (w/w) to minimize entrainment of water by the polymer strands. It has been found that with higher additions (masterbatch production), the water is clouded by extracted flame retardant and a relatively large amount of water is entrained. Generally speaking, it is advisable - even with low flame retardant additions - to keep the passage through the water bath as short as possible to permit optimum evaporation of any entrained water. In some cases, depending on production conditions, it may be necessary to dry the granules obtained.



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