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            當前位置: 首頁 > 阻燃劑 > 科萊恩新型高效反應性無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit OP560

            科萊恩新型高效反應性無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit OP560

            全國多倉發貨,如需其他品牌或型號,請點擊咨詢客服 聚氨酯泡綿(PU foam)、功能涂層、紡織涂層
            • 商品品牌:科萊恩
            • 產品型號:Exolit OP560
            • 產品產地:德國
            • 包裝規格:20KG/包
            溫馨提示:    由 凱茵化工 負責發貨,并提供售后服務。
            免費咨詢電話:      400-678-7252
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              商品名稱:科萊恩新型高效反應性無鹵阻燃劑 Exolit OP560
              • 產品品牌科萊恩


              • 產品型號Exolit OP560


                品牌: 科萊恩

                型號: Exolit OP560

                包裝規格:1 kg sample bottle

                                 200 kg net drums (800 kg net pallets)

                                 1,000 kg net non-returnable IBC.

                應用:聚氨酯泡綿(PU foam)、功能涂層、紡織涂層



              Product Description  Exolit OP 560 turns out to be a clear, colorless to slightly coloured liquid of low viscosity. The product is based on a non-halogenated phosphorus polyol, which has a functionality of two.

              The technical data are merely meant to describe the product and are not subject to regular monitoring. For further information, please consult our standard delivery specification. 
              Applications  Exolit OP 560 is primarily designed for use in the production of special low fogging flexible polyurethane foams. The product is characterised by a high phosphorus content and high flame retardancy performance.
              The Exolit OP 560 is a reactive flame retardant and is designed to be chemically reacted into the polymeric matrix. When properly incorporated into the foam, very low fogging values can be achieved which meet the most stringent emission standards for PU flexible foams in the automotive industry.

              Exolit OP 560 should be added separately because it is only partially soluble in polyols with low hydroxyl numbers. As a reactive flame retardant it will hydrolyse slowly in the presence of water.  Safety and Handling For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding material safety data sheet.

              Minimum shelf life is 12 months from the date of shipping when stored according to the said conditions.
              Dispatch and Storage Packaging  GGVE/RID - Exolit OP 560 is supplied in following packaging units:

              1 kg sample bottle

              200 kg net drums (800 kg net pallets)

              1,000 kg net non-returnable IBC. GGVS/ADR - ADNR - IMDG-Code - UN Number - IATA-DGR - In the presence of water Exolit OP 560 hydrolyses slowly and should therefore be stored and handled with exclusion of moisture. 



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